Marine leisure menu

You can enjoy the following marine leisure at BLUEBOX.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.


The course is divided from beginner to advanced.
We also have night snorkeling tour at night.
We are also preparing a harpoon tour that you have seen on the television etc. depending on the content of the course. Let’s enjoy under the sea !

Recommended for children and who are not confident in physical strength! !
Rock shade also hiding in sea urchin
There are a lot of fishes
Girls who were afraid of the sea
I am excited (^ ^ ♪ I will meet lots of tropical fish.
Let’s go to see clownfish (nemo)
Hatago sea anemone (Nemo’s backspace)
Got starfish !
Feeding experiment, about 35 species,
Several hundred tropical fish are gathering.
Snorkel Tour Tour Hours (minutes) Departure Time Tax price without tax
Beginner easy 30 6 times as below

Kids easy 30 ¥5,500
Tropical fish touching experience 30 ¥3,980
Tropical fish touching experience extend 60 ¥5,500
Let’s go to see seaser under the sea 30 ¥5,500
Wonderful scenery of coral reef 60 ¥6,500
Underwater cave 60 ¥7,500
Under the sea paradise 30 ¥5,500
Kourijima古宇利島 60 ¥6,500
Sesokojima瀬底島 60 ¥6,500
Iejima伊江島 60 ¥6,500
Explore the war ruins 60 ¥6,500

Night snorkeling

(With feeding experience)(Snorkel set rental fee is included)
Underwater time Approximately 60 minutes (Total required time 2 hours)
※It will be a course for middle to advanced experts


Start from the water depth of 1 m and move to a place near the water depth of 30 m (^ o ^) 丿
Look at the depths from the water while looking at the richness of coral colors / shapes !!
Kaito, our staff was also fascinated with many creatures at this spot (^. ^)


Snorkel set rental fee is included
Underwater time about 30 minutes (total required time 1 hour 30 minutes)
Surprise! to actually touch the sleeping fish!

What was the impression of first touching Porcupine fish with?
How many needles? Stiff(^^♪
Encounter with mysterious corals at night (* ^ _ ^ *)
Can you find it? (^. ^)
It was hard a hard time to pick it up (* ^ _ ^ *)
Sorry for sleeping fish (> _ <)
Let’s look into the diversity of living things (^ ^ ♪
Do you know underwater lights? (^. ^)
Large and bright red sea cucumber(^^♪
It was nice meeting you(*^_^*)
I have never met before.
Encounter with corals(^.^)
Night snorkel tour Tour time (minutes) Departure time Tax price without tax
Night 60 19:00
Healing starry sky 60 ¥7,500
Touching experience tour 60 ¥6,500
Let’s go see the sea firefly 60 ¥7,500
Explore the war ruins 60 ¥7,500
Harpoon 60 ¥8,500
Flow 60 ¥9,800
Harpoon・Flow 90 ¥15,000


Diving for beginners

You can enjoy a walk in the ocean with a cylinder on the back.
Even if you do not have a qualification you can join, instructors will follow you firmly, so please apply with confidence.
Optional underwater camera rental can also be used to record my memories.

Diving tour for beginners Tour time (minutes) Departure time Tax price without tax
Beginner easy 30+30 6 times as below

Beginner easy 30+30 ¥15,000
Easy diving for someone who has experience 30 ¥8,500
Tropical fish touching experience 30+30 ¥15,000
Tropical fish touching experience extend 30+30 ¥23,000
Wonderful scenery of coral reef 30+30 ¥18,000
Underwater cave 30+30 ¥23,000
Under the sea paradise 30+30 ¥23,000
Kourijima古宇利島 30+30 ¥23,000
Sesokojima瀬底島 30+30 ¥23,000
Iejima伊江島 30+30 ¥23,000

FUN Diving


We have courses for having license guest.
We are preparing a night beach entry course that you can enjoy not only during the day but also the sea at night.

Beach entry 1 dive ¥8,000
Beach entry 2 dive ¥13,000
Beach entry additional dive ¥5,000
Boat entry 1 dive ¥9,000
Boat entry 2 dive ¥15,000
Boat entry additional dive ¥6,000
Night beach entry 1 dive ¥12,000
Night beach entry 2 dive ¥17,000
Night beach entry additional dive ¥5,000

FUN Diving options

BCD Rental ¥1,500
Regulator Rental ¥1,500
Wetsuit Rental ¥1,000
Rental set (BCD / Regulator / Wetsuit) ¥3,000
Fin rental ¥500
Mask / Snorkel Set Rental ¥500
Boots rental ¥500
Underwater light rental ¥1,000
Dive computer rental ¥2,000
Full rental set ¥6,000
Underwater photography data sales  ¥2,500
Underwater camera rental (memory card separately)  ¥2,500
Memory card ¥500
Shower / changing clthes room facility use ¥500

Fishing experience


You can enjoy fishing from the port and ship.
There are goods rentals, therefore feel free to participate.

Fishing Tour Tour time (minutes) Time Tax price without tax
Various fishing for beginner Easy 120 During 9:00~18:00 ¥3,980
Various fishing for kids Easy 120 ¥3,980
Hairtaila scabbard [cutlass] fish fishing 120 ¥3,980
Tropical fish fishing 120 ¥3,980
Irubuchā fishing 120 ¥3,980

Marine Sports


You can enjoy banana boat and O pod, viper, Zebira Orbit, marine jet.
It is a sport that feels the wind and wave on the sea with your friends and family.

Easy marine tour Tour time (minutes) Time Tax price without tax
Marine Jet 3 Rider’s Boarding ( for 2 persons)  10 During 9:00~18:00 ¥980
Marine Jet 3 Rider’s Boarding ( for 2 persons)  extend 30 ¥4,500
Banana boat 10 ¥980
Banana boat extend 30 ¥4,500
Big Marble 10 ¥980
Big Marble extend 30 ¥4,500






License training

We prepare a course that train and work at a resort course 

ライセンス 講習
Open Water · Diver 3days~ ¥55,000
Advanced Open Water Diver 2days ¥50,000
Rescue · Diver 2days ¥50,000
Dive master 6days ¥120,000~
 Instructor Contact us
Specialty basic
Boyancy (neutral buoyancy)
1day~ ¥10,000~
Specialty basic
Boat Diving
Specialty basic
◎ Dry suit
Specialty basic
Specialty basic
Advance Navigation
Specialty basic
Equipment Maintenance
Specialty enjoy
Environment protection of the sea
Specialty enjoy
Aquatic life
Specialty enjoy
Underwater photograph
Specialty enjoy
Underwater scooter
Specialty skills UP
◎ Night Rocks
Specialty skills UP
Dive computer
Specialty skills UP
Night diving
Specialty skills UP
Search & Recovery
Specialty skills UP
Deep Diving
Specialty skills UP
Drift diving
Specialty skills UP
◎ High spot Diving
Specialty skills UP
◎ Low Temperature Diving
Specialty skills UP
Caving diving
Specialty skills UP
deep diving, ruins diving
Specialty safety
First aid First aid
Specialty safety
Basic Rescue
Specialty safety
Specialty safety
DAN oxygen supply method

Various options

One barbecue set ¥2,500
Barbecue ingredients Agu course 1 person ¥3,500
Barbeque Okinawa”s ingredients course  1 person ¥3,500
Barbecue ingredients Yanbaru chicken course 1 person ¥2,500
Awamori, sour, coctails, beer, jasmine tea 1 person Contact us
Clear kayak for 2 people approximately 60 minutes ¥5,000
Sea kayak for 2 people approximately 60 minutes ¥3,500
Kayak Guided Tour approximately 60 minutes ¥3,500
Lure fishing, fishing rod (settting fee is not including)  ¥1,000
Feed fishing, fishing rod (settting fee is not including) ¥1,000
Fishing guide tour approximately 120 minutes ¥3,500
Shower / changing room ¥500
Beach umbrella ¥1,000
Beach chair ¥1,000
Hammock ¥2,000
BCD rental ¥1,500
Regulator Rental ¥1,500
Wetsuit Rental ¥1,000
Boots rental  ¥500
Mask / snorkel set rent ¥500
Fin Rental ¥500
Dive computer rental  ¥2,000
Underwater light rental  ¥1,000
Weight  ¥500
Underwater camera rental (memory card is not including) ¥2,500
Memory card ¥500
Movie shooting ¥5,000
Mermaid shooting ¥3,000

※All prices are tax excluding