Beach clean office activity

Thank you for your cooperation in “Beach Green Enhancement Month” and “Beach Clean Festival 2017” this time.

With the cooperation of everyone, we were able to collect more than 100 volunteer mobilization, more than 600 bags of garbage bags for strengthening months, and finished successfully without accidents.

The Beach Clean Festival 2017 was also blessed with the weather on the day, I think that we could provide a place of connection of regional ties to the more than 150 participants through cleanup activities, the importance of nature, the future to the future and the future.
Although the event ended successfully, I would like to continue doing beach clean once a week and protecting the beautiful sea from now on.

At the same time, we will also sell goods such as original T – shirts and postcards to let more people know our activities. Through this activity, we would like to carry out activities that take root in the community with the importance of the sea, the heart to connect to the future.

We appreciate your continued support and continued support.


About selling goods


「うふた浜」Ufutahama White
「いいじまたっちゅうー」Ījimatatchu White
「備瀬ワルミ」Bisewarumi White
「うふた浜」Ufutahama Black
「いいじまたっちゅうー」Ījimatatchu Black
「備瀬ワルミ」Bisewarumi Black

Post card

「いいじまたっちゅうー Ījimatatchu
Back side


「BEACHCLEAN」Outdoor waterproof sticker

Learn from nature and connect to the future!
 I could do for region harmony!

All revenues associated with goods sales are used for beach clean activities and expenses for community activities.
I would like you to learn the impact of garbage on animals and nature and want you to be interested in environmental issues even a little thing.