Lovers beach Ufuta-hama

Lonely beach that was unused for 35 years, and now we trying to made as a sightseeing spot!
From such a plan, there is a legendary wandering place in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa, a BBQ place and marine activities were born on this beach cherished from a long time as fulfillment of love affair. Come and visit us to make beautiful memories.

恋人ビーチ うふた浜
恋人ビーチ うふた浜
恋人ビーチ うふた浜>

About Ufuta-hama

From churaumi aquarium, it takes 5minutes by car


Onw of the most popular sightseeing spots in Okinawa, it is Churaumi Aquarium. It takes five minutes by car from the Churaumi Aquarium. After sightseeing in the Churaumi Aquarium, Let’s enjoy BBQ with your friends and lovers on the beach at night!

The only place in Okinawa where can enjoy BBQ at the beach


With us (Okiloko), you can enjoy BBQ,  we will prepare everythig to enjoy BBQ
You can choose from three of Yanbaru chicken course, Agu pig course, Ie beef course. Optionally, you can add island vegetables, island seafood, island fruits, island liquor etc, Okinawa’s Shimazon artists will show you the island songs, Okinawa folk songs, acoustic live etc on the beach.



Once upon a time, in the Motobu-chō before the war, the exorcism of a woman named “Hamaurī” was held on the lunar calendar March 3. There are girls who go out from home only once a year there are men in the town seeking for “Mōashibī” falling in love Many people wish for coral as a hidden spot of fulfillment of love affair and wish for “IJIRIFUSHĪ” did you done already?

Prohibited matter

Motobu Resort Hotel and Tofuhama Beach management company is different. please inquiries to Okiloko.
Hotel parking lot is dedicated to accommodation. No parking in the hotel, walkthrough except for guests is prohibited. Those who use Ube Beach will be prohibited from parking or taking in other than the designated parking lot.

※ We are not responsible for accidents, thefts, etc. in the parking lot at all.
We will refuse bringing in foodstuffs and BBQ equipment. If you are coming by car, drinking and driving is prohibited.
We will help you to hire a driver

Name Lovers beach Ufuta-hama
Adress 〒905-0214 Ufuta-hama, 840-1, azatoguchi, Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa 沖縄県国頭郡本部町字渡久地840-1 うふた浜
TEL 0980-48-4211
FAX Number 0980-48-3812
Business hours 10:00~22:00
Payment Method We accept cash also conduct various card transactions.

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R pay
Regular holiday No close day
Access Around 10 minutes to Churaumi Aquarium美ら海水族館、and northern side as below ♪

■Map code■
206 856 154*77

Motobu-chō 本部町
  • 7 minutes by car from Mahaina
  • 9 minutes by car from Yugafuin BISE
  • 9 minutes by car from Green Park Hotel
  • 10 minutes by car from Orion Motobu Resort & Spa
  • 9 minutes by car from Centurion
  • 5 minutes by car from Motobu Resort Hotel
Nago-city 名護市
  • 12 minutes by car from Resonex
  • 18 minutes by car from Yugafuin Okinawa
Nakijin-son 今帰仁村
  • 26 minutes by car from Belparaiso
  • 18 minutes by car from Buena Vista Naijin
Parking Lot Yes (* When you come by car, please contact our store in advance.)