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– Beach Clean –

Beach Clean

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We are doing beautification activities of Okinawa together with local people.
It is a pride of beautiful sea and vegetation, Okinawa. Many people visit as sightseeing spots.
Although I came all the way, I am doing various activities in order not to feel regrettable such as “It is different from the image”, and to make it a good town to live by making it clean.

Shops information

Beach clean office
Let”s protect Okinawa”s one of the best beach in the world toghther
総合マリンレジャー BLUEBOX
Total marine leisure BLUEBOX
Total marine leisure for Churaumi
恋人ビーチ うふた浜
Lovers Beach Ufutahamaうふた浜
One of the best churaumi of Okinawa
Special place for lovers
Location Dining Tingara
Location Dining Tingara
Space where you can enjoy meals and music
沖縄創作居酒屋 天の川食堂
Okinawa Creation Izakaya Milky Way Restaurant
Luxurious temporary enjoying meals in a calm space
Pension Milky Way 天の川
Lending One group only per day! Popular with families, groups, girls travel, men’s journey, couples!

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