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The Milky Way Restaurant is a creative Izakaya in Okinawa located in Motobu-chō, Kunigami-gun.
Boasting dishes with plenty of local ingredients and various sakes.
We have more than 150 kinds of  Awamori unique to Okinawa.
Please enjoy Okinawa special 
We are committed not only to meals but also to the inside of the shop, so that you can feel the warmth of the tree. we doing our best for your relaxation.


Special things of Okinawa Creation Izakaya Milky Way Restaurant 天の川食堂

Free transfer in area of Motobu-chō! ! (Limited area of Nakijin village, Nago City)

We have various menus that using of local materials and over 150 kinds of Awamori. There is free transfer, therefore do not worrying about your retur, you can enjoy a lot of Okinawa night.
To Okinawa, I would like to show guests who came to Japan for sightseeing through the culture and history of Okinawa, the Okinawan cuisine, Awamori. We would be pleased if we could help you to make the best memories.

Enjoy the Okinawa artist ‘s Shima-uta live! !


You can enjoy Shima-uta live by Okinawa artist “Yu – Na”! It is helding twice a day (20 , 22 PM).
By day, you can enjoy a variety of Okinawa island songs with a cappella, folk guitar, Sanshin etc.
Artists may surprise the songs on birthdays, anniversaries, etc. with advance notice … Maybe there are things like that happen.

Ryukyu Okinawa cuisine

The Motobu-chō that prospered together with Kitayama (Nakijin Castle) is a crowd of people such as Harusā, Goat (Hījā), purple yam (No.1 Bise),Okinawa shallots etc, Ocean people (Uminchū), Sea grape are specialty product. Please enjoy special products of Motobu-chō.

Yanbare local chicken


The meat of Yanbaru chicken has strong red fine fibers, good breast meat, juicy and juicy rich aftertaste. Please enjoy the wonderful ingredients.

Yanbaru black pig agū やんばる黒島豚あぐー


Pig with high rarity value! had served for Kitayama-jyō北山城, The cholesterol level is very low, and it contains abundant glutamic acid and amino acids of the delicious ingredients. Please enjoy high quality sweet taste and tasty dishes.

Phantom of beef    IE-GYŪ 伊江牛

幻の牛伊江島 伊江牛

 IE beef, a phantom meat that has been consumed inside the IE island in northern side of Okinawa! The original race of various named beef of Japan! You can enjoy the taste of rich beef, refreshing flavor. the popular IE beef Tataki, IE beef Yukke (raw) is our signboard menu!

Artist introduction

島みずきMizuki Shima/果てなき夢をこの海に
大畑彩香Ayaka Ōbatake/あかばな

Name Okinawa Creation Izakaya Milky Way Restaurant 天の川食堂
Location 〒905-0212 1st floor,Daito building,azaōhama, Motobu-chō, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture沖縄県国頭郡本部町字大浜863-4 大都ビル1階
TEL 0980-43-0143
FAX number 0980-48-3812
E-mail adress
Business hours 18:00~1:00(LO.24:00)
Payment Method We accept cash also conduct various card transactions.

Credit card

Electronic money

R pay
Regular holiday Wednesday
Access Accessable from Churaumi Awuarium it takes around 10 minutes by car, and please visit us if you comming near by area

■Map code■
206 856 154*77

Motobu-chō 本部町
  • 7 minutes by car from Mahaina
  • 9 minutes by car from Yugafuin BISE
  • 9 minutes by car from Green Park Hotel
  • 10 minutes by car from Orion Motobu Resort & Spa
  • 9 minutes by car from Centurion
  • 5 minutes by car from Motobu Resort Hotel
Nago-city 名護市
  • 12 minutes by car from Resonex
  • 18 minutes by car from Yugafuin Okinawa
Nakijin-son 今帰仁村
  • 26 minutes by car from Belparaiso
  • 18 minutes by car from Buena Vista Naijin
Parking Lot Yes (* When you come by car, please contact our store in advance.)